Avery impressive Documentary Film Produced

 By:- Global Forum for Media &Development Team:-

MONA ELSAGHIR                           Script Writer

MOHAMED HAMODA                     Analysis & Assistant

SOHER FAHMY                                   Editor

HANAN MOHSEN                            Translation & Subtitles

MARION CREELY                           Executive Producer EBU

NADIA BURKHARDT                      EBU Supervisor


WAEL IHAB ISMAIL                      DOP

REHAB ELGHATRIFY                     Film Director  

Supervising & following



Name of the Documentary Film :-

” The Little Inventor “(Mahmoud Badran)

My love for invention started at the age of 8, when I participated

in a local science competition. My research discussed solar energy and its utilization. When I won second, my appetite for innovation grew, and I began to contemplated utilizing solar energy to charge

cell phones and its turned out to be a success, for which I won an award. During this period my success was on both the innovation and the education front as top of my class.

My scholarly performance started dropping in sixth grade, when I came third in my class. I became depressed and demotivated and even considered dropping innovation, due to  my suffering which I faced all the time.

Yes the problem is in me ,I need to organize my time more and focus more I really face the problem of timing: for studying ,playing football and even  for having a proper Appointment with Dr. Mona in the lab, because I don’t easily get an appointment from her. And this problem added to my depression and demonization, which lasted for a whole month.

After this month my performance started picking up, to reach new heights when Won several awards.

. It is due to this success that I decided to continue

my journey of innovation but with a new determination to ensure always striking the balance between innovation and scholarly achievement. 

Mahmoud with his colleagues in School