Mabra Elmaadi Hospital

This film was produced by the Global Forum for Media and Development /Global Compact United Nations, as a kind of appreciation of the great role played by Garden City lions club ,which consider to be a role model of a very good NGO ‘s in Egypt . Garden City lions club headed by lions Hazem Khalil succeeded to renovate Maadi hospital ,which was a huge project with the support of CIB Bank and medical institution. The film was produced in this year, considering that this year is the year of civil society to show some successful models and to shed light through this film and even to spread it out on all sites as a role model for civil society to follow. Where the Lions Garden City Club president Lions Hazem Khalil and the honorable club members, renovated and supplied the Maadi Hospital with the latest medical equipment in cooperation with the medical Institution and the Commercial International Bank. Yes, a wonderful model to be followed by civil society .