Global Forum
for Media and Development


منى الصغير رئيس الإدارة المركزية لمراجعة النصوص والمواد والبرامج

حوار ا. منى الصغير رئيس الإدارة المركزية لمراجعة النصوص والمواد والبرامج لــ أخبار مصر مع أيمن عدلي

Who We Are

Global Forum for Media and Development (The Forum) is a registered non-governmental, non-profit organization. It is neither connected nor affiliated to any political parties or religious institutions. It relies on its founders’ monthly contributions, and expected revenues from projects, programmes, events, and publications.

The Forum was officially founded in June 2007. Indeed, it goes back about two years earlier when a number of professionals and experts, specialized in the field of media information expressed their concern at the poor state of affairs in the sphere of media and development. Recognizing the need for change to better the lives of the disadvantaged, they established the Forum to contribute to that change.

Our vision and mission are to help connect people

The Forum has a vision of a world of equal opportunities

The Forum aims to maximize the use of media, knowledge and services for the sustainable development of a world of equal opportunities

The Forum acts as a contributor to change, a vehicle for policy-makers, practitioners and scholars

Realizing the crucial role of media in determining the multidimensionality of development and recognizing social responsibility

Strategic Objectives

The Forum acts as a contributor to change, a vehicle for policy-makers, practitioners and scholars, and an instrument for the revival of the almost extinct cultural goods of particular indigenous groups. It also serves as a platform for discussing media and development issues, and as a network with similar organizations and networks.

Realizing the crucial role of media in determining the multidimensionality of development and recognizing social responsibility as the mainstream of the organization’s activities, the Forum has set its strategic objectives as follows:

  1. Raising and increasing awareness of the largely silent and unorganized majority to inform them of their rights, duties, and responsibilities by means of verbal, print and audiovisual means of communication.
  2. Building capacities in the areas of media, development, and management to render the democratization processes and development experiences more sustainable; and ensuring individuals and groups’ participation in decision-making.
  3. Making availability of and supporting access to information and knowledge; and sharing information and expertise with partners with the aim of harmonizing activities when dealing with freedoms (starting from being free from want), empowerment of women, and knowledge.
  4. Facilitating advocacy in policy dialogues to participate in formulating policies; providing services to identify and address basic needs of the disadvantaged; and enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of performance through debates, discussions.
  5. Contributing to the revival, and protection of natural preserves and the almost disappearing traditional cultural industries of specific and particular indigenous groups through research, publications and publicity

News & Events

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Elizabeth Harderer in Women Symposium (Tunisia) So lucky to meet PID (past International Director) in Europe Elizabeth Hardener during women symposium 3rd Lions African Forum in Tunisia Yes do Lucky to meet a role model of an empowered woman whom generate a very positive energy to all...

Global Compact  2022 Leaders’ Summit! 

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نهاد رفعت : عضو مجلس أمناء المنتدى

  • مذيعة سابقة بالبرنامج العام
  • مذيعة للعديد من البرامج الحوارية الإذاعي
  • عضو نشط بالجالية المصرية العربية بكندا
  • شغلت منصب منصب مدير عام العلاقات الدولية باتحاد الإذاعة والتليفزيون، الإدارة العامة للبروتوكول
  • مستشارا لرئيس إتحاد الإذاعة والتليفزيون

مجيدة قطب : عضو مجلس أمناء المنتدى

  • الرئيس السابق لقناة المحور
  • الرئيس السابق للقناة الثانية
  • مدير عام برامج الشباب بالقناة الثاني
  • عضو لجان تحكيم فى العديد من المهرجانات و جميع مهرجانات اتحاد الإذاعة والتليفزيون

عبد العزيز القاضي : عضو مجلس أمناء المنتدى

  • شغل العديد من المناصب ومستشار إداري ومالي بهيئة الاستعلامات سابقا
  • ومركز القاهرة الدولي للمؤتمرات
  • عمل في لندن وواشنطن والجزائر والكويت

المرحوم د. أنور جلال : رئيس المنتدى

  •  رئيس الوفد المصري للجنة الدائمة للإعلام العربي لمدة 15 عاما
  • الرئيس السابق للمكتب الصحفي بالسفارة المصرية في لندن
  • حاصل على ماجستير في الاقتصاد ودكتوراة في العلاقات الدولية
  • من جامعة لندن

منى الصغير : الأمين العام للمنتدى

  • رئيس الإدارة المركزية لمراجعة المواد والبرامج والنصوص باتحاد الإذاعة والتليفزيون
  • عضو تنفيذي سابق بمجموعة اليوروفيجن الروائية التابعة لاتحاد الإذاعات الأوروبية
  • الأمين العام لأندية الليونز المنطقة 352، مصر
  • رئيس العلاقات الدولية لأندية الليونز 352 مصر

مشيرة كامل : عضو مجلس أمناء المنتدى

  • مدير عام للبرامج الثقافية بالبرنامج العام بالإذاعة المصرية
  • شغلت منصب نائب رئيس الإذاعة المصرية وكان لها دور متميز فى التطوير الإبداعى
  • مذيعة متميزة قدمت العديد من البرامج الثقافية والحوارية

Responsibilities of the Founders

  1. They form the main committee of the Forum. They meet once every and if the need arises. They are responsible for:
    1. Preparing the overall strategy and policy framework.
    2. Planning and overseeing implementation.
    3. Establishing and dissolving working committees.
    4. Approving of the final annual activity report as well as any understanding reached or any agreement concluded regarding coordination, cooperation, or partnership with other individuals or organizations.
  2. They take or approve decisions regarding the operations of the Forum:
    1. Deciding on financial contributions and memberships in all their forms
    2. Approving expenses and incentives for tasks assigned, services rendered on missions accomplished
    3. Fundraising for the Forum’s budget and activities
  3. They consider the approval of candidates as participants, partners and other networks.