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Global Forum for Media and Development (The Forum) is a registered non-governmental, non-profit organization. It is neither connected nor affiliated with any political parties or religious institutions. It relies on its founders’ monthly contributions and expected revenues from projects, programmes, events, and publications.

Guiding Principles

  1. Participation in the Forum’s activities is open to all individuals and organizations whose objectives and activities conform to the Vision and Mission Statement of the Forum.
  2. The Forum believes in valued relations in change through services and subscribes to good governance and democratic means of advocacy. Good governance is meant responsibility, transparency, and accountability.  Democratic means of advocacy are related in the context of the Forum to cultural heritage, consent, and participatory processes.  Valued relations is meant dignity, integrity, and mutual respect.

Our Mission & Vision


The Forum has a vision of a world of equal opportunities


The Forum aims to maximize the use of media, knowledge and services for the sustainable development of a world of equal opportunities

Our Role & Objective


The Forum acts as a contributor to change, a vehicle for policy-makers, practitioners and scholars


Realizing the crucial role of media in determining the multidimensionality of development and recognizing social responsibility

News & Events

Regional Lions Leadership Institute (RLLI)


0:00 / 17:02

Regional Lions Leadership Institute (RLLI)

Lions who wish to pursue leadership roles with their larger Lions community can learn about club operations, opportunities and resources at RLLI. Find out if you qualify, how to apply, and more here.

Mona Makram ebied teaser

0:11 / 3:00

Mona Makram ebied teaser

Dr.Mona Makram Ebied interview with GFMD

Autobiography speech for Dr.Mona Makram Ebied representing her life memories and her history career 1

Dr. Mona  Makram Ebeid remains an active leader, sitting on numerous boards and councils dedicated to progress, development and equality.

We are honored to be joined by this groundbreaking stateswoman and look forward to drawing upon her unique insights into Egypt’s past, present and future.”

Ganat Elkhlod Foundation

0:00 / 35:34

0:00 / 35:34

Ganat Elkhlod Foundation video

Ganat Elkhlod Foundation video

Ganat el Khlood Association for Development is considered a ray of hope inside and outsid”El Deweqa” a very poor suburban district in the Egyptian capital Cairoe . Ganat El khlood Association was founded in 2006 and work began despite facing many difficulties. Its work evolved from simply providing humanitarian assistance to becoming a real entity that includes a number of comprehensive developmental programs targeting the whole family and transforming them from a state of need to a state of production. It has become an institutional entity seeking to achieve sustainability, God willing

Emerging Lions Leadership Institute lectures/Egypt/May 2023 ELLI

Lions and Leos who wish to pursue leadership roles within their club will benefit from the ELLI, where they will learn the history and goals of Lions Clubs International and the Foundation, develop strategies for being an effective leader and collaborate with a diverse group of fellow Lions and Leos.

Recent Videos

Maxim & GFMD Protocol

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4SUefuLiac Maxim & GFMD Protocol “Your role to make others happy” is an Egyptian Maxim foundation initiative in cooperation with the Global Forum for Media and Development The initiative “Your...

Mabra Elmaadi Hospital

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6diakkcFEYc Mabra Elmaadi Hospital This film was produced by the Global Forum for Media and Development /Global Compact United Nations, as a kind of appreciation of the great role played by Garden City lions club ,which consider to be a...

GFMD & Tahia Masr Collaboration

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgp59uMW1yY GFMD & Tahia Masr Collaboration Elsalam Conrad – Heliopolis Aspects of Cooperation between Tahia Misr team and Global Forum Media and Development Egypt (GFMD) Session of discussion means of Cooperation between Tahia Misr...



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Member of the Board of Trustees of the Forum


Member of the Board of Trustees of the Forum